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  • Ral 1000 electrostatic powder coating paint

Ral 1000 electrostatic powder coating paint

  • Product Item : 1000
  • Category: Ral color powder coatings
  • electrostatic
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  • thermosetting
  • solid
  • Product description:Ral 1000 green beige color powder coating can be designed for indoor and outdoor use. Glossy, satin and matt finish are available.

Ral 1000 electrostatic powder coating paint

polyester powder coating based on saturated polyester resins specially selected for exterior use. It is formulated to give properties of good flow-out and satin or glossy finish. Its outstanding resistance to ultra-violet light and atmospheric aging make it highly decorative and durable in outdoor environment,It is widely used for outdoor furniture,architectural hardware,air-conditioners,bicycle frames,garage doors and signboards etc .

Main Material

Polyester resin,barium sulfate,titanium dioxide

Surface Type

Gloss,matte,wrinkle,sand grain,antique, Hammer,crocodile skin, wood effect,candy,chrome,

transparent,semitransparent,metallic,and special pattern

Powder Properties

Specific gravity : 1.3 - 1.75 (depend on colors)

Average particle size : 35 - 45um

Coating Properties

Film thickness(ISO 2178) :60 - 90 μm

Coverage:15 square based on 60μm

Pencil hardness: ASTM D3363,H-2H

Adhesion :GB/T 9286-1998,0 grade

Bending test:GB/T 6742 ,=<2mm

Cupping test:GB/T 9753,>=7mm

Direct and reverse impact (ASTM D2794) : >

Salt spray Resistance ( ASTM B117, 1000hrs)(Maximum undercutting ,1 mm ):

No blistering or loss of adhesion

Heat and moisture test  GB/T 1740,>=1000 hours,no change

Application Schedule

Applied by : Electrostatic spraying devices

Curing schedule :10 minutes at 200 ℃


Good adhesion,anti-corrosion,UV resistant, strong coating film,

Accurate colors, good leveling

Shelf Life

12 months


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