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Introduction of powder coating production

Brief introduction of powder coating production technology

   Powder coating production technology is completely different from general liquid coatings. The production of powder coating includes connecting different work sections in a reasonable order (including the preparation time of the pre-mixing step, the preparation time of the main equipment and the quality control time).

   Usually produces small-scale powder coating manufacturers, the production process can be discontinuous; for powder coating manufacturers with higher production capacity, usually separate individual processes are combined into a continuous production process.

   1) "Pre-mixing" of powder coating production technology

  Before hot-melt mixing, pre-mixing the various components of the powder coating is an important process that cannot be ignored, and plays a decisive role in the performance of the powder coating. Especially those additives and coloring pigments in small amounts, if not pre-mixed sufficiently, cannot be compensated in the second-stage hot melt extrusion process.

   2) "Melting extrusion" of powder coating production technology

   The mixing of powder coating consists of several steps, which are completed in separate equipment.

In this stage of production, the binder and curing agent (not necessarily) are melted and mixed at the molecular level, the pigment mass is broken into original particles and together with the additives are uniformly dispersed in the molten binder/curing agent mixture . The Global Coatings Network learned that at the same time the surface of the pigment particles is wetted by the molten binder. In principle, there are 3 machines available for hot melt extrusion. Although Z-blade kneaders and heated twin-roll mills can also be used, the main equipment is the extruder.

   Commonly used machinery and equipment for the production of powder coatings include: single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, planetary screw extruder.

   3) "fine grinding" of powder coating production technology

  Paint manufacturers should make fine crushing after hot melt extrusion. Powder coating manufacturers will use different types of pulverizers to make the particle size of the coating meet the desired range. All these devices are manufactured using the grinding principle.

  The contemporary crushing system is supplied as a complete set, which includes a particle size classifier and a dust collector.

   4) "Powder collection and dust removal" of powder coating production technology

   Usually use a side filter or prefer to use a cyclone separator with a side filter to collect fine powder from the air classification outlet. The dust collection device of powder coating depends on the output of the factory and the type and color of powder coating. The tail dust filter can improve the reliability of the crushing and classification operations and improve the control of pollution with little maintenance work.

   5) "Multi-Cyclone Powder Recovery System" of powder coating production technology

  Due to various reasons for electrostatic spraying of powder coatings, some powders will not be fully utilized. To solve this problem, the industry has developed a multi-cyclone powder recovery system. Its function is to collect the powder falling in the spraying process, separate it into usable powder and unusable waste powder, and send them to the corresponding devices.
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