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Is powder coating environmentally friendly?

Is powder extraction environmentally friendly?

Powder coatings are divided into three categories: thermoplastic powder coatings (PE), thermosetting powder coatings, and architectural powder coatings. The product is non-toxic, free of solvents and volatile and toxic substances. Therefore, it has no pollution problems such as poisoning, fire, and "three wastes" discharge, which fully complies with the requirements of the National Environmental Protection Law. In addition, there are many other advantages, which are well received by people.

1. The utilization rate of raw materials is high. The powder produced by some well-known brand powder suppliers can be recycled for oversprayed powder. The highest utilization rate can even reach more than 99%.

2. After pre-treatment of the object to be coated, one-time construction, without primer, you can get a coating film of sufficient thickness, easy to achieve automated operation, high production efficiency, and reduce costs.

3. The coating is dense, adhesion, impact strength and toughness are good, the corner coverage is high, and it has excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulation performance.

4. Storage and transportation of powder coating are safe and convenient.

Ordinary paint contains about 20-50% water, while in powder paint, this part of water is added only when it is used on site, that is to say, this part of water does not need to be transported or stored. In addition, water-based paints tend to freeze when transported and stored at temperatures below 0°C, while powder paints do not have this problem.

5. No preservatives needed

In traditional liquid coatings, there are both water and bacteria in food, which are easily contaminated by bacteria. Therefore, in order to prevent deterioration, preservatives are added, and powder coatings have no bacterial contamination problems, and no preservatives are needed.
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