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High temperature resistance powder coating


High temperature resistant powder coatings are very rugged and suitable for a wide range of applications. With the use of heat-resistant coatings for items such as barbecue appliances, fireplaces, and mufflers, the use of powder coatings is becoming more widespread. Our high temperature powder coatings are comparable to many proven liquid coatings, even in the most demanding applications where heat resistance is critical.

The powder coatings meet the requirements of high temperature applications from 200 ° C  to 800 ° C.
The use of thermally stable silicone polymers gives these powder coatings high temperature resistance. The higher the content of silicone, the better the high temperature resistance of the product, because other organic polymers may degrade at high temperatures, but only the silicone can remain stable: it is obvious that the higher the silicone content, the thermal stability of the coating The stronger the sex.

Product range Chemical properties Peak temperature Maximum operating temperature
HT001                      Epoxy / Acrylic / Silicone                      350°C                                      < 300°C
HT002                      Acrylic / Silicone                                  450°C                                         400°C
HT003                      100% Silicone                                     750°C                                          800°C

Various colors and special effects

A variety of colors and effects are available.

Product series
a variety of colors and may include white, metallic
smooth, fine texture
high gloss, semi-gloss, matt (fine texture)
Gray, black, metallic (chrome-plated, imitation aluminized, flashing silver, etc.)
Fine texture
Matte (fine texture)
dark gray, black, metallic (flash silver)
fine texture
matt (fine texture)

Use occasion

Suitable for steel, cast iron, aluminum, cast aluminum and aluminized steel.
It is recommended for products that require long-term exposure to metal parts ranging from 200oC  to 800oC , such as:
Furnace, wood or briquettes, fireplace products
Exhaust system (eg stove exhaust pipe)
Barbecue appliance
Lighting equipment
Muffler loaded on generators, motorcycles, tractors
Other advantages of high temperature resistant coatings

Gloss and color stability - no loss of light / fading after heating
Excellent adhesion
Excellent resistance to cracking
Higher scratch resistance (compared to liquid coating)
Single coating system
Of course,  high temperature powder coatings are also sustainable because they contain no solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Substrate pretreatment
As with most coatings, proper substrate preparation is critical to the performance of the product used at high temperatures, especially adhesion. Obviously, what pre-treatment process you use depends on the substrate you are spraying – sandblasting is sufficient for some applications. However, the substrate must be free of grease, scale, rust, and stains, regardless of the object being sprayed. We strongly recommend that you conduct tests to determine if the pre-treatment and spray processes meet your application requirements.

Spraying and curing method
It can be sprayed using normal electrostatic equipment (45-65 μm film). For non-metallic powders, the recovery can be as high as 20%. The curing time is as follows (workpiece temperature)

>20 minutes, 210 °C

>15 minutes, 220 °C

>10 minutes, 230°C (HT003 only)

The powder can be stored for 12 months at < 27 °C.


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