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Heat transfer printing powder coating powder

Heat tranfer powder coating is a process of technology of heat tranfer pritnting finished on powder coating surface.  The coating is specialied degined so that images and patterns on the heat transfer paper or films can well transfered on the coating surface. It makes the coating with a lot of patterns, such as wood like, marble like, stone like......

How to make a heat transfer powder coating?

1. A common course of ordinary powder coating 180-200 ℃, 10-15mins

2. Use special glue to stick the heat transfer paper to coating surface

3. Bake the workpiece in the oven 160 ℃, 8-12mins in the oven

4.  Peel off the tranfer paper

LINK OF VEDIO- how to make heat transfer powder coating

LINK OF CATALOGUE color chart of heat transfer powder coating

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